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Good Friday Service

Today we remember the darkest day in history – that is empowering our brightest future.

During this unprecedented moment in time, we look to God and we remember the suffering of Jesus. On this Good Friday, we are reminded that in the midst of suffering and loss, great redemption is at work behind the scenes. The message of Jesus, the hope that He brings, matters more now than ever: because of His death and resurrection, we can have life!

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Nick Hall

Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse

Ravi Zacharias

Apologist, Author, Founder of RZIM

Max Lucado

Best-selling Christian Author

Tony Dungy

NFL Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Fame Coach

Francis Chan

Pastor, Author, & Missionary

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference


Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes

Award-Winning Recording Artists

Michael W. Smith

Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist