Good Friday 2021 will be the second of its kind as a global outreach event focused on sharing the good news of Jesus. The news is that He sacrificed everything for you.

Join us on April 2 to hear of the hope we all so desperately need through Jesus.

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In 2020

As churches were not able to meet in person we decided to bring the Gospel to them. In just seven short days the Pulse team created a Good Friday service that went global.

As a result, the program was broadcasted over to 115 million homes, in 120 countries, and translated in 40 different languages. And most importantly, we saw over 130 thousand people commit their lives to Jesus.

God took this into places we could only dream of, and yet we know there are still more people who need to hear.

Jesus sacrificed everything for you. Yes, you.

This is the good news that we get to rejoice in. Good Friday reminds us that Jesus went to the cross for us. Jesus loves you so much that He left the comfort and privilege of heaven to die for you…for me…for all of humanity.

Because of Jesus’s death, we get to be in relationship with God and spend eternity with Him! The cross was God’s plan to rescue us from our sin, our pain, our guilt, and our shame. But it didn’t end at the cross. Jesus rose three days later! He conquered death and the grave and we get to be with Him forever.

This is the GOOD NEWS.